Online Client/Portfolio Management Tool


 Online Client/Portfolio Management Tool

Designing an online portal for a global private banking client to help their staff work more efficiently.

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A global private banking client which had an idea of an online tool to improve efficiency and happiness of its staff wanted to use design-thinking approach to evaluate and design the tool. I worked in the research and strategy phase of the project collaborating with a lead UX designer.

Understanding user needs and mapping out opportunities
Interviewing the main stakeholders and making use of the data that the company collected by doing research with their staff we could create customer journey maps. We mapped out pain points on current journeys and highlighted opportunities on to-be journeys.

Establishing a design strategy and building high fidelity product wireframes
We discussed on opportunities and possible solutions and produced high level strategy for the tool in a workshop session organized with the main stakeholders. We created high fidelity wireframes and a prototype to present some UI ideas to the client.

Pen, Paper, Post-it Notes, Sketch, InVision, Microsoft Powerpoint